Events are a critical part of our work as they provide a hands on learning experience to the students. From Debates to MUNs, From Open Workshops to Quizzes. We have a large range of experience in organizing events, independently and with institutions, to provide a platform to develop and enhance communication and leadership skills. Reach out to us to find out more.

Following is a list of our previous events:

  1. Open Workshop for Public Speaking 2015
  2. Stand Up-Speak Up (Open Forum Debate and Discussion)
  3. Chicago MUN 2014 (in partnership with University of Chicago)
  4. WORDZ In-Quiz-itive 2013 (Quiz Competition)
  5. Wordz Parliamentary Debating Championship 2012
  6. La Fotografia (Photography Competition)
  7. Open Workshop for Model United Nations 2011
  8. WORDZ Rebuttal 2011 (Online Competition)
  9. Multiple Model United Conferences for various schools like Pathways, Bal Bharti, DPS etc